Websites for the Entertainment Professional (Beginner)

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01 Welcome (Preview)

Length: 5 minutes

Why you need a website for your career in the Entertainment Business. Why WordPress is best solution. Why trust Chris Rogers (Qualifications). Best Practices.

02 Name (Preview)

Length: 8 minutes

Is name available. What to do if your preferred name is taken. Get name, host and email from 3 different companies. Separation of church and state/3 branches of government. Demo using buy from Enter login/passwords onto your word.doc.

03 Host (Preview)

Length: 16 minutes

Be sure to use Approved Host. Look for free SSL, for Sandbox/Development area, phone support, chat, how much hand holding do you need. Avoid EIG. Demo using SiteGround. You can also buy G Suite here, but DON’T! Separation of church and state/3 branches of govt. Put Login/Password on Password word.doc.

04 3 Email Addresses (Preview)

Length: 4 minutes

G Suite (for The Business), Old/Previous email address (for Friends and Family), Spam/Disposable email address (for likely spam-inducing companies/registration). We go into more detail in Mobile Devices/Home Office class.

05 1) G Suite (Preview)

Length: 8 minutes

Install/configure G Suite for your Business email. Give this to your agent, mgr, yada, only people in the Business. Put Login/Password in Your Website Password doc. This is very confusing, so be patient.

06 2) Old Email Address

Length: 2 minutes

Move Business contacts to G Suite email. Ask them to delete all your other email addresses from their Add Bk. Put Login/Password on the Passwords doc.

07 3) Spam Email Address

Length: 6 minutes

When signing up stuff and they demand an email address. Demo signing up for Yahoo email address. Send your website bkups here. Put Login/Password on word doc. 

09 Log In

Length: 3 minutes

How to Log In. Click “Remember me” if on your home computer. Dashboard. AKA Back end. Put Login/Password on word doc.

10 Dashboard

Length: 7 minutes

Airplane analogy. Don’t freak. Let it make sense to you (from ER).

11 Jazz Hands

Length: 2 minutes

You can’t do WordPress without learning Jazz Hands. 😉

12 Settings

Length: 13 minutes

Basic settings/configuration. Hide from search engines & turn off comments for now.

13 Theme

Length: 5 minutes

Search/install/activate Theme Twenty Sixteen (not 2016).

14 Customize

Length: 15 minutes

Customizing Theme Twenty Sixteen settings.

15 Site Icon

Length: 3 minutes

In Customizer. AKA Favicon. Create site icon and drag site to Browser Bar.

17 Menu

Length: 10 minutes

Create top menu (Primary) Navigation bar.

18 Sidebar & Footer

Length: 6 minutes

Customizer/Widget/Sidebar. Make all pages full width, except for Blog. Put Search at bottom.

19 Jetpack (Install)

Length: 9 minutes

Install Jetpack & activate Gallery only. Explain different versions of Jetpack. Put Login/Password in YOUR NAME GOES HERE Entertainment Website Passwords Word doc.

21 Image Editor

Length: 10 minutes

Photoshop, Gimp, Pixlr. 1920×1080, 8×10/portrait, 10×8/landscape. This is covered in much more detail in the Video/Graffix class and Social Media class.

22 Picture pg

Length: 19 minutes

Create separate galleries for each type of pictures.

23 Header img

Length: 7 minutes

Constant or Rotating pictures at top of each page.

24 Resume pg

Length: 10 minutes

Install Google Doc Embedder plugin, save resume’ as pdf, upload to Media Library, create download link.

25 Video pg

Length: 4 minutes

Upload clip to Vimeo and YouTube. Copy url to your website. I have created placeholder video file if you don’t have one to use. This is covered in more depth in the Video/Grafix class.

26 Compression

Length: 7 minutes

Vimeo compression pg for how to compress video clips for web.

27 YouTube vs Vimeo

Length: 5 minutes

Difference between YouTube and Vimeo. This is covered in more detail in the Social Media class and Video/Grafix class. Upload 1 clip to each.

28 Contact pg

Length: 8 minutes

Email, phone, contact form using JetPack.

29 Health

Length: 4 minutes

Drink water. Take breaks every hour. Look away from screen.

31 Blog pg

Length: 32 minutes

Create post, 1 category, turn comments on for this page only. Add Search and “Subscribe to my blog” widget. Change Uncategorized to Misc or something like that. Enable Gravatar Profile Widget.

33 1 Special pg

Length: 7 minutes

Hobbies/Skills/Volunteer/Passion pg that employer would use to talk about in interview or what you want to be known for.

34 Social Media

Length: 9 minutes

Create menu and link to your pgs. Open your Social Media pages in another Browser window, copy, paste into menu. Delete extra characters at end.

35 Home pg Table (Vertical)

Length: 19 minutes

Create Home pg content. Create/insert table, link to imdb, Actors Access, yada. VERTICAL table. Copy/paste images from my site.

36 Horizontal Table

Length: 10 minutes

Install at top of all other pages with links to Casting sites. HORIZONTAL.

37 Gravatar

Length: 4 minutes

Create account, upload photo, same as site icon?

38 PayPal

Length: 7 minutes

Add Paypal button to front page using Widget. Record your Login/Password in the Word doc.

42 Analytics

Length: 5 minutes

Jetpack – free/easy. Google harder, overkill.

44 SEO

Length: 17 minutes

Yoast – free and paid. Also Jetpack paid.

45 Favorites Plugins

Length: 3 minutes

See my list of Favorite plugins thru Search box on Plugins pg and .ORG profile – chrogers2000

47 Host plugins

Length: 3 minutes

Your web host may have special/unique plugins you might want/required to use. Good idea to have them look over your site now to make sure no problems.

48 Affiliate Marketing

Length: 5 minutes

It is possible to make more money with Affiliate Marketing, but do it on a separate website, not your Entertainment Professional website. Too distracting on top and side, so we will put an Amazon ad in the footer.

50 Banner Ad

Length: 8 minutes

Amazon ad in footer. If you are good at this and willing to put the time in to learn Affiliate Marketing, it is possible to make some money here. Just outside of the scope of this training. There are tons of free videos on YouTube.

51 Security

Length: 6 minutes

1 click solution. Rationale to upgrade to Jetpack or File Vault?

52 Backup

Length: 4 minutes

Send site backup to your spam email or dropbox. Don’t rely on your host. 1 click solution. How often does host do it? iThemes Backup Buddy or Jetpack Paid.

54 Help

Length: 7 minutes

Demo: How to google a problem, YouTube, WP Beginner, WP 101, Ask Web Host, Meetups, CY Membership soon. WP Beginner YouTube channel subscribe.

55 Feedback

Length: 3 minutes

Excerpt Lesson 55 text goes here. Ribeye corned beef sirloin bacon bresaola shankle chicken. Cow bresaola meatloaf kielbasa prosciutto turducken chuck filet mignon sausage. Ask feedback from host, Friends and Family, strangers to view your site, view on cell, ipad, Mac and Win. Last step ask Mgr/Agent to view.

57 Continuing Ed

Length: 5 minutes

WordPress Meetup, WordCamp, FB groups, CY Membership Site coming soon.

58 Congrats!

Length: 4 minutes

Closing comments. Thank you. Please give feedback.